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Went back for the G80 in the 940 today and ran into a couple other volvo guys picking it over. Luckily they were 7/9ers, so didn't need what I was after, haha.

It came out without a hitch, except the races fell off the bearings when I pulled it, so now I don't know which one is for which side. Arg. I suppose I'll just install it, check the backlash, flip them, check again, and take whichever is closest to proper specs. I guess it's kinda moot if I do the job and find my preload is too loose, so I'll worry about it later.

I got it for $24 after tax, because the cashier was new. I even pointed out what it was I was taking, on their price list on the wall. It SHOULD have been $40 + $20 core...AND I had the aluminum pumpkin cover too. Not my fault if dude can't read or use the register .
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