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No pics, because it's all just junkyard parts.
Last week I was stoked because an 84 GL came into my local scrappy, so I went out and grabbed the driveshaft (AW70)...which is of course the small output flange and 44.5mm diameter. Doesn't fit my late AW71L (of course), so I was kinda miffed. I drove the wife out to Oktoberfest at a local brewery and headed off to Laval (a suburb of Montreal, for anyone familiar with Canadian geography) to the junkyard. It's 2 hours from my house...and it paid off big. Got a big driveshaft AND a salvageable tranny pan! I was able to remove the dipstick tube with no fuss, and the hole they stab into the pans to drain them was easy to weld up. The one in Laval is an 88, so it had the right driveshaft . I've also snagged a couple of hall-sender distributors for my MS conversion, so I'm pretty happy.
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