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...and the answer is...: dead processor.
With the processor out, every part of the board tests perfectly fine. The minute I installed the chip, the board failed everything except the batt volt ref checks. Luckily they're cheap, so there's already an order in to DIY for a replacement .

I removed the fuel level assembly again, to put clamps on the pump to sender hose (oops, forgot) and it's a good thing I did. The level sender had snapped off the return pipe! I tacked it back into place and decided to make fuel pump work 110% easier in the future. I took a grinder and cut down the hump that the factory access panel is on. I went down about two inches, and then cut across. Now it's VERY easy to take the pump in and out, and the part I cut out is now part of the access hatch. To hell with fighting with fuel pumps.
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