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F**k you, garage that did the maintenance work on this car before I got it. While trying to torque the exhaust nuts down to 22-ft/lbs, I snapped a stud. Wtf?! I tried another one, and had the exact same issue. Alright, lets take them out...

SERIOUSLY?! The one good one that came out must have been pure luck, because all the others required welding. Now, I'm not sure how long the stock studs are supposed to be, but the 'inside' end of these was 10mm shorter than the actual threaded part in the head, so every time I tried to tighten them, they spun deeper and deeper into the head. All the ones that snapped had sunk the unthreaded middle portion right into the head, galling the threads. The garage that did the maintenance must have replaced the studs/gaskets at some point and used incorrect length studs, or tightened them down too far initially.

They're out now, and I'm getting replacements.

1984 244/ AQ140A / M46
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