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The local yard had a "1992 Volvo 900" listed on their website, that went in on the 16th. I decided to get there early today and was first one in (yeah, I have impatience issues ;) ). It turned out to be a full-load 940 Turbo, HUZZAH! Snagged the fuel rail (all the ones I have are bent, wtf), injectors, resistor pack, ignition module, piping, turbo (13C in good, non-leaky, shape), and the manifold (cracked, but fixable). I left the ECU and EZK there, since I don't need them, but cut out the engine portion of the harness for my megasquirt conversion. I also found an early V40 turbo, and it had Seimens Deka redtops...42 lb/hr, and high-imp. Those were a pocket-item ;).

I wish I could go back for the engine, but judging by the seized wastegate rod (which is now fixed), I'm really not sure what condition it's in. The hotside is cracked too, but that's an easy fix.
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