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So, I'm concerned about my passenger side engine mount. While searching the forum, I found someone talking about the ones on Yoshifab. I thought they looked kinda odd, but didn't put any effort into finding out what they were, because at that point I was going to re-use the one I had.

Then today, I was at Princess Auto (Canadian Harbour Freight) and found these...

$10 CAD for TWO. They are 1/4" too short for the pass side, but a spacer will solve that. The hardness is listed as 70, which feels a lot stiffer than the old stock mount I have now. They're also 3" in diameter, so it's almost a perfect fit. I'll definitely have to make a heat shield, but that's no biggie.

Gonna give it a shot, might as well.

[edit]These are the Yoshifab ones[/edit]
1984 244/ AQ140A / M46

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