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So I spent yesterday discovering all the WONDERFUL things that are different between cars with the BW55 and cars with the AW7xs.

-Need crossmember spacers. There was NO way the driveshaft would fit without them. I have pieces of 1/4 aluminum in there now, but will hopefully get some OEM parts soon.

-Shifter linkage. The BW55 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than an AW7x one. Luckily for me, I am able to confirm this detail...because all I have is the BW one, lol. Again, I'm hopefully getting an OEM one soon, but my BW55 part is in mint condition, and I have a welder, so it's not super essential.

This is all minor stuff, thankfully. I was smart enough to swap to the longer throttle valve cable and throttle cable when the engine was out, but those other two details just skipped my mind.
1984 244/ AQ140A / M46
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