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Summer is gone and it's time to put car back to garage. Chinese -012 amm blew up after 3000km on it, and made engine run at afr 9.5-12.3. It idles with three cylinders when cold and black is the main color of exhaust gas. I did put -025 amm and it runs smoother for sure, but map is done for chinese 012... Next season starts with tuning, maybe bit more boost and ezk chip for sure. Main fuelpump is screamng like a pig, i am going to rip it off, and been thinking of single pump system. For looks, I started making skirt under back bumper. Spoiler is on my mind but let's see if it happens this winter.

Crappy pic of crappy car but skirt is coming along. OEM plastic cut to center and bross kit pieces at the sides.

New daily showed up at summer. 2003 d5244t2 manual, chipped to 195hp/400nm gotta love that diesel torque!

Volvo 240 GL - not so low, but yes.... it is slow
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