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Found some rust issues under car. I think i have fixed those by now, rust repairs with sorta running and driving car sucks I may have to use a year once and make whole car clean.

I did fresh up my memory with glass fiber things, (still not sure what I am doing, only Kimi number 7 does) and started working on with new low trimpiece for front spoiler. I made earlier during summer test piece out of wood. I added some tin foil tape over it and applied some release agent. Then I applied some resin and big piece of fiber mat over it. I hope that it comes off easily, then i can add some material under it.

Fumes made me think spoiler over trunk. I haven't found any desent prize flat style trunk lids, so Group A spoiler has to wait now. Some ducktail style spoilers do look good to me, but i don't like to do nothing too grazy. I got a silly idea of mixing group a shape and mount it like ducktail spoiler. I started with masking tape and cardboard. After that I added more tape to soften up edges and add some stifness.

Then i applied tinfoil tape, to see how it looks.

This is base for spoiler, and surface that is dealing with air needs to be at smaller angle. Next i will add fiber glass to get that shape from trunk. After that I may apply urethane. So lots of shapening to do. Lets see how this ends
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