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So, I threw new brake parts in, only brake fluid is still in bottle. Bolts are 8.8 stiffness for now, I will change them before test drive same time with the fluid.

When I got the brakes sorted, I changed the fuel pump. Bosch -044 copy and intank prepump are disassembled and Walbro 450 "e85" is in. I hae to cut about an inch of the pressure pipe and plastic mounting part is widened inside that bigger pump fits in. Car starts, idles and revs fine, next we add some boost and remap ecu.

Frontlip v1 is ready, and spoiler idea is totaled rear end is coming along, some serious sanding and painting is needed, soon I can paint things out side. Drove the car outside to wash it little, and see how front end is looking.

This is how rear piece is evolving. Cut down Bross kit side pieces, Volvo OEM rear skirt. Some cutting, drilling, rivets, and filler.
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