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More parts purchased! I drove down to LA and plucked these out of a 131k mile 240 that was tagged on the right rear. They're solid, but have room for improvement: both sides have small tears in the rear vinyl & need a good cleaning and the pass. side may need new foam or a spring rewelded (I can feel something metal almost poking through), but the all-important upper bolsters are as mint as they look.

I can theoretically build one "perfect" seat from the two. Sure, I could have just bought the nice gray seats from the Craigslist seller but they wouldn't match the theme I'm going for. The power of self-delusion strikes again!

Having seen enough slapstick comedies I wonder if the cigarette burns by the driver-side crotch area played a part in this car's demise.

I also grabbed a rear-lower seat cushion that was conveniently taken out by someone else but not purchased. It'll need a dab of fabric glue and some cleaning and it will look just fine. I have a brand-new rear upper cover in storage.

Also picked up a piece of front trim should I need a replacement in the future. You never know.

If you're in SoCal, the car is at U-Pick Auto Parts off Alameda, but seeing as the entire front end has been removed, I figure you guys knew of it already.

- '83 245 Turbo
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