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Finally blocked out some time to install the positive cable. It's literally the reverse of disassembly but made better with that gawd-awful mess of extensions and u-joints I had a few pages ago. If you lose the little 13mm nut that holds the cable on the starter, go get yourself a pack of M8x1.25 from your favorite store.

Would have gone faster had I not tried to install that spade connector backwards. CleanFlameTrap got me sorted on how that's oriented so now that's all buttoned up. Time to fire it up tomorrow! Battery's been kept nice and charged through the winter in a warm garage on a tender.

Hopefully I can get the hinge back on and then wheel it into the garage so I can't use 20 mph winds or "it's dark out" to talk my way out of stuff. Also, fewer trips in & out of the garage for tools would be nice. Less cat pee to wash off.

- '83 245 Turbo
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