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When I serviced the PCV on my 940 I forgot to tighten that damn alternator nut. I drove it to the gas station and the nut vibrated off and the wire became disconnected. I drove there fine on battery alone (headlights and all) but after I fueled up I couldn't get it started, so I called for help. While I waited, I popped the hood and noticed the loose alternator wire. Luckily I had some zip ties in the door panel! A zip tie makes an okay m8x1.25 nut on the fly if you cinch it up snug! After the jump start, I headed to ace hardware and just guessed it's size and pitch knowing it's metric. Any error could cost me 22 cents. what's the worst that could happen? Perks of being a machinist was that I guessed thread and pitch correctly. Had to mention that since you had an issue with it too. ;)

Moral of the story is always keep a pack of zip ties in the vehicle!

Nice seat score! As far as your opinion on slapstick comedies, Yeah? Well, you know. That's just like uh... Your opinion man...
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