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Started breaking down the intake manifold for the oil trap replacement. As expected, this job is much much easier now that I'm doing it in the garage with light & warmth and no cats to pee on my car. I can also charge my light, have a beer, and not have to run in and out for tools.

Cut the petrified vacuum hose for the one-way HVAC check valve off. No, seriously, that stuff felt like it was molded with how hard it was, but nothing beats the box cutter used with extreme care. I still have some spare hose left from another repair so that's easy. Bag and tag the little pieces (t-junction).

My cheater bar and PB blaster made taking the 12 & 13mm off so easy. I took extreme care not to disturb the fuel lines outside of the one that plugs into the IM itself shown above. The nuts are 13mm. The long bolts are 12mm.

Today's goal was to break the nuts & bolts loose. Objective mostly achieved. I'll need a long-handled 13mm wrench and more pb blaster for the nut holding the bracket near the firewall. Also some new copper washers for the (I want to say 10mm?) fuel line.

Looks like a Dave Barton harness may be in my future. The wire insulation by the big bracket at the firewall has seen better days.

- '83 245 Turbo
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