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Well my hand's pretty mangled after a fall because my town does not expect its residents to actually use the sidewalks. Still, I'm not one to let that stop me from working on things.

The intake manifold fasteners are off and been through one full blast of brake-cleaner. One of the studs came off and now I regret using the needlenose to hold 'em since it chewed up a bit of the threads. Should have just pulled it out in the first place as the FB group suggested and put it back in later. Also remembered to pull the 12mm holding the vertical support to the block.

Meanwhile I pulled the PCV hose and its PVC junction out. Cap looks nice and full of life, but good god that hose is packed with more goop than Gwyneth Paltrow setting up shop in a town full of rich yuppies.

Some throttle body cleaner and distilled water got most of the junk out. I'll go back in with Q-tips tomorrow night.

Also, as I was taking the stud out I did some math: if the fuel filter was replaced at 240,000 miles in April 2009 and the timing belt at 213,000 miles, this means that the belt has been in the car for over ten years, so it's ripe for replacement. Might mean that the weird hiccup when flooring it was it jumping timing...

- '83 245 Turbo
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