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Got a chance to knock out some little things:

Stance simulation via jack stands:

That's about 2" added front and rear, for a total of about +2-3" front and +4" rear. Rear would be accomplished with eibach 20" long 125lb springs. Front would require Ben's coilover's. Planning on 100-125# in the front

I think I'd still have about 5" of droop in the rear and around 3-4" in the front

Also got to install a USB charger voltmeter, freeing up a gauge slot for something else

Ipd poly bushes for stock bar with some zerks

And another idea cooking - removing center vents in favor of two smaller ones opening a middle slot for a sixth gauge. The vents will require some trimming but seem like they'll drop right in once they're the right size. I'll have to find a good way to secure the gauge in place, but I've got some ideas
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