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Default IPD Billet T Cam swap

Lock down being in full effect I decided it was time to swap out my stock T cam for IPD Turbo cam.

My T cam seems to fall flat after about 4500 RPM and sometimes I like to rev the engine a little higher.

below is the image of the T cam that was coming out.

These are the hushers that I installed last summer. They have about 2,000 miles on them and one was already split

Upon removal of the bearing caps I noticed one of the caps has some pitting in it.

It looks pretty bad. I hope it holds up .

After installing and removing the cam about 4 times I was finally able to set my lash to between 0.016 - 0.018. I put new hushers in although I am wondering if there is any point to this.

I did a 25 minute break in at 2500 RPM, then I changed the oil and filter.

Here is the engine bay back together

I set the cam timing to 2 advance and I am pretty pleased with the cars performance. I am running a 19T so I have zero turbo lag.

I also pulled my BMW R Nine T out of storage for its spring pre ride maintenance. For now an oil change is all that is needed but I am looking forward to warmer "care free" days

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