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M90 swap started last thursday when I took car back to use and drove it a bit. M47 worked great, but before I lose it's 3rd gear teeth it had to go.

Pic from second to last drive with m47

Friday I drove car to friends garage that has a lift and started the work. Cable clutch is removed, new master and slave culinders, modified pedal took their place.

New master with independent reservoir in place.

I changed new rear main seal because old was sweating a bit and put flywheel back. Diesel m90 spec mass disc and SRE -763

I dont have a shifter rack, or any oem parts for m90, so I made my own from steel and m47 parts. I didn't take any pictures, but parts are flat black and have lots of ugly welds Left brakcet was missing from tranny so I made one out of steel. I bolted it on side of the tranny rear support thingy.

One pic from making it.

After all modifications needed including propshaft support bearing flange tranny was installed.

I need new exhaust, current on is pretty ugly

Next on the list is finding snap ring for slave cylinder, fill up tranny with flushing oil and maybe a little test drive. If everything works, maybe in easter i have 1.x bar of boost and big smile on my face
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