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Back to work! After a frustrating week I finally attempted a cooling system flush.

After flooding my garage trying to put a garden hose in the top, I gave up and just popped off the 10mm holding the thermostat in, slid the entire thermostat + hose assembly out of the way, and stuck the hose into the cylinder head opening. The car was still in pieces which meant I couldn't use my flush treatment, so I just kept flushing it until only water came out in what I'm told is a "two-stage" flush.

Lots of green with a slight oily sheen. Black stuff came out into the drain pan. There was a bit of penetrating oil that splashed into the pan when I sprayed down the fan studs, so maybe that's what's up.

For those of you curious about coolant ratings check back in every now-and-then: they send cars here for hot-weather testing so let's see how well this Peak coolant holds up.

- '83 245 Turbo
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