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Default Parts Courtesy of Wagonmeister

A friend of mine had a couple of parts he ordered from Dave aka wagonmeister. After reviewing what was available on line in regards to strut tower braces I really liked the wagonmiester flat nose strut brace. However being that I am running a valve cover cap vent I was concerned about the fitment of the brace and the vent.

It is definitely a little closer then I hoped. There isn't contact but there probably will be when the engine twists under load. Another caveat is that the brace needs to be removed to twist off the valve cover / 710 cap. Not ideal but for now I will live with this.

I also installed a pair of Dave's snow caps as well. This was purely a cosmetic upgrade but I thought it may look good with the other black accents the car already has.

Up next some long awaited stuff from BNE!
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