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Default BNE's got it!

I received some parts from Ben over the past few weeks and decided it was time to install these to my car.

Up first were the QSRC. I have had these since December but have finally got around to getting these in.

A couple of things I wasn't aware of before installing these is that there would some interference between these pieces and the dust shield. As shown below you can see the relief added to the dust shield stamping for the stock tie rod location. I also found out the stock location for the ball joint also had a relief stamped into it which would create an interference when lowered

After so heating and "clearancing" I ended up with this ridiculous looking dust shield

At least there was no longer any contact but I doubt I will be able to use the othe QS locations without additional clearance. I guess most people don't use a dust shield when using these brackets?

I settled on using the single notch for the Ackermann plates. I read in someones else build thread that this represented the stock location. My hope is after installing these the will eliminate the annoying bump steer I have been encountering

Up next will be the upper strut bearings followed by the torque rods.
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