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So now there is some boost added, -18t makes 0.95 bars with additional spring and bleed. Needs +0.25bars more. It feels quicker of course, but it ain't a rocket. It needs more spring/new WG actuator.

We had some issues with my IC piping, one hose popped off three times during tune up and once when I was coming back to home. Piping is made of steel, so I will weld shoulders to joints.

I had odd lean running issue at idle and while test drive before tuneup. I used this topic ->
and my "tuner guy" but we didn't find anything. Car gets fuel, alot of it from fuel line, and FPR seems to work, injectors work, samw temps on each cylinder, working AMM, working harness, no leaks, only thing/parts that is changed are in last posts. After all the searching I unplugged resistor pack, since it has hi resistance injectors, and boom! 14.7 afr's. Year ago we tuned engine with bad battery, maybe the new one changed currents or voltages in critical points?
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