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Default Strut bearings and Alignment

After installing Bens upper strut bearings and QSRC pieces I was in bad need of an alignment.

I decided to go with the star setting on the strut bearings. The triangle setting may be an option at a later date but I have about a 0.7 degree difference on maximum camber between each strut tower. Perhaps my car was bumped a few years back?

I used my camber adjustment tool to help me dial it in. With the star setting on the camber plates the best I could do is -0.7

After that the toe was set about 0.25 (3/32") total toe in, again using my toe plates

I've heard that some people have problems with enough tie rod adjustment once using the
QSRC pieces but I was ok.

I also had a huge amount of rake going on between the the front and rear of the car.

Measuring from the ground to edge of the rocker behind the front tire and the ground to the rocker just forward of the rear tire I had about 1.5" of rake! I adjusted the rear lower by about an inch but I was curious what rake (if any) others are running.
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