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Originally Posted by volvowagoon View Post
OH ****!

I did not see that coming! If you really want to do the engine bay correctly, this is certainly the best way. What transmission are you considering?
It's a AW71 from roy (2manyturbos). Stronger than the AW70, and from cool weather PNW so less likely to be burnt up from heat.

I'll be installing a new filter, seals, TC seal, and kickdown cable on it.

Driveshaft is getting a new position #1 U-joint (it's partially seized), and new STS carrier bearing.

Engine is getting a new harness from Dave Barton, and STS stainless coolant pipe + silicone heater hoses, CPS, block paint, and possibly relocation of alternator with 940 accessory brackets (alternator on top driver side, compressor in normal spot, PS pump on passenger side). Also non-EGR manifolds

Also redoing AC system. Parallel flow condenser, new compressor (not sure if I'm going with nissens or sanden yet), custom hoses.

Playing with idea of stainless exhaust, but it's not an immediate need.

Beefed up #2 & #0 AWG battery harnesses.

Kinda want to convert to 940 coolant reservoir.

There's a LOT that I've been wanting to do, and now I have the time to do it. A bunch of the things would have been a PITA to do individually, but now with the engine & transmission out, I can do them all easily.

Also a big reason for this was definitely the transmission, and the fiancee won't let me drop the transmission from underneath the car. Mainly because I had a car fall on me when I was 16 I've learned a lot since then. Can't put a price on safety.

So the under-car activities I'm allowed to do are limited, and when I do them I triple check my vehicle support method
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