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Originally Posted by Estateman View Post
Lots of excellent ideas here. I need to connect you with a local Dallasite who converted to R134 with the sanden compressor and reused his original condenser after stripping it with an industrial AC cleaner. His puts out some insanely cool AC on an 87 244 with 400K+ miles even in our 100 degree heat.

Always a good idea to pull it out from above, absolutely can't put a price on safety. Let me tell you bench pressing the AW70 down out of there was an absolute pain and I wouldn't wanna do that again.
I'm thinking about continuing to use envirosafe (same as duracool) as the refrigerant.

I really enjoyed being able to just let the refrigerant vent (it's just propane/butane, very little environmental impact) without having to pay a tech to recover it. Makes working on the system easier if I ever have to crack it open again. Can't do that with 134a without giving the kangaroos skin cancer.

As much as I'd like to keep the OE Volvo fin & tube condenser , it just is no match from an engineering standpoint to the parallel flow. I redid the AC system in my 850, and now it's unbearably cold. It's pretty hilarious when its 100F outside and people ask me to turn down the AC.

And agreed with the AW70. It's already a pain working on the floor. Combined with haggling with a transmission, no bueno. Plus I would not have been able to do the other things I needed to do.
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