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Originally Posted by Estateman View Post
Is envirosafe made to be compatible with R12 or R134 systems? What's the molecule size compared to traditional refrigerants?
Yep, & much smaller. Propane/butane blend, about 75%/25%. I guess the main concern is flammability, but there's not a whole lot of mass in the system, and I've also read that even though r134a isn't flammable, aerosolized PAG oil is. PLUS, it's insane how hard it is sometimes to ignite a jet of propane. Try taking a propane torch and holding a small flame to it or getting spark near the stream. The propane puts out the fire unless you do a spark at the base of the jet. I also keep a halotron fire extinguisher in the car.

If I get 5-10 years out of my condenser, I'll be fine with that. My parallel flow condenser in my 850 is original, so 25 years old. Never been flushed. And the 850 is uncomfortably cold. No tinting on the windows either

The universal ones aren't that expensive either.
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