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Originally Posted by white855T View Post
Did you buy ipd color matched 189 spray paint? I've used it before for small repair jobs like that and it works great. You can blend repair pretty well.
Yep. It looks pretty good. Still need to wet sand it and buff it a bit

I will say though, I bought 2 cans and the nozzles are very disappointing. The color is great but man those cans are rough to use. Lots of gargling and spatter. I thought I just got a defective one, but the 2nd one I opened up had the exact same issue. It's under the battery tray so it's not gonna be very visible. Still thankful that a company even makes color matched beater-volvo rattlecans, so I guess beggars can't be choosers

Originally Posted by volvowagoon View Post
Nice work! I'm jealous of the Texas metal. lol
I'm very thankful. My daily is from Pennsylvania had lots of little rust spots hiding. Once I got them where they could drain/dry, they have not gotten worse at all. Cars here never seem to advance past surface rust really...

Here's a good example. Bare steel out here just does this, it takes forever to get crumbly. The sun does a good job of baking out any trapped water.

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