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Long time away from here, my son was away at school and has graduated and is back home...and so is the Swag wagon.

soon after coming home, the Swag Wagon was rudely bludgeoned in the right front by a woman in a ford in a Wawa parking lot. After fighting with the insurance, settled for $1490.00 in damages.

Found a 130 silver 88 240 in the pull and pay with nice fenders and a hood for $80.00. Pulled the front end back in place, replaced the right side e-code healight and marker. We and had enough insurance money left to buy some paint and materials. Stripped the fender , door and 1/4 tops, the roof, tailgate and the used hood. Spray bomb primer on the bare spots where I cut thru the factory primer and sanded it with some 600 wet. Painted it in sections from the pinstripes up in the driveway except the roof cowl that we did in a booth. 3 coats of base color and two coats of clear on each section. Quick scuff and polish and it looks pretty good.

New seats and carpet(used from a perfect black DL from a member here) and headliner/ new dash is next!\

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