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Thanks for the kind words guys.

What has been done:

- Installed 940 radiator and fan. Fitted 940 fan upside down for clearance with the water pump pulley.
- Made support bracket for the air cleaner
- Installed coolant hoses.
- Made a turbo oil drain. (18mm pipe from turbo, onto braided hose. Drains to stock location)
- Had water pump modified (many thanks to JW240)
- Installed wiring loom and ECU
- Installed fuel pump and new fuel pump wiring
- Installed new fuel lines from tank to engine
- Installed driveshafts and new support bearing

Still needs:

- Fan relay and wiring
- Heat shield for oil filler cap
- Tidy up/clean engine bay and all wiring
- A tune....

A lot of work has been done and I do not have a lot of pics to show for it.

FakeSquirt ECU in glove compartment

Upside down 940 fan:

Made a mount for the bosch coil and welded it to the body. Coolant reservoir is also mounted (further away from the turbine), but this is not shown yet in the pics. Still need to tidy up all the wiring and repaint the valve cover.

Also test fitted my old wheels:

Took these to the coater, they will be dark silver metallic !
Also ordered some 245/40's for the rear.
The steelie idea is put on hold for now, maybe I will change my mind again.

And it runs:

Untuned, the thing already runs well. It already pulls well in low rpm, even with a fixed 10 degrees of timing. Next week I will drain the oil, change filter and start tuning.

One problem though, I need to press the clutch pedal all the way to the floor to disengage the clutch, and gear changing is hard. This needs to be addressed as well. No idea yet what the culprit is, pivot point was shimmed and the clutch arm angle looks good.

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