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Going over the hill today to grab 164 mounts from iRollmotors, as well as other goodies I will need that are missing from the car like C-pillar trim as well as new window channel felt.

Yesterday I took the engine out enough to give the oil pan the most gentle, yet firm whacks to give it enough clearance.

I got the engine mount brackets to "rest" on some extra 240 motor mounts I cut the offset studs off of so I could play around with intake manifold clearance, which is the biggest hurdle when doing an OHC engine swap on an 1800 due to the factory brake booster and MC setup taking up tons of space.

A B230 intake will not work due to the throttle body sticking out right into the booster. I do recall a guy overcoming that by relocating the throttle body on the bottom of the manifold on his turbo 1800.

I went to the junkyard recently and did some measuring from the crankshaft center line to the edge of the intake, and a B21FT intake would work. But it probably would not flow very well and I did not really feel like shelling out the dough for one.

However, despite appearing like it might be physically too large, a B21F intake (courtesy of Harland, thank you) is a tight fit but it is totally doable with some minor tweaking to the throttle cable retainer and taking a grinder to a few ribs/bumps on the edge of the plenum where it gets pretty close to the brake booster.

There's unfortunately no way a stock exhaust manifold would work. It runs right into the control arm.

So I will need a custom header. I thought about it last night and instead of farming it out to one of my buddies that can weld, I am going to finally buy a welder and take it as an opportunity to teach myself how to do it. I've only been screwing with cars now for 18 years so I think it is finally time, and a non weight bearing [meaning it wont have a turbo sitting on it] exhaust header would be a good start.
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