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Thanks Janspeed.

Originally Posted by Finnish240 View Post
Hx40 is a common used unit in Finland. S200sxe turbos have "lots of" variants with their turbine housings, it would be nice to have info if the turbine housings would fit to these work machine units
Yes, this part number came from a volvo/deutz excavator. Turbine housing looks nice for our purposes: (still will give the HX40 a try though)

Part No:


Angle α (Compressor Housing): 21
Angle (Turbine Housing): 356
Back Plate: 167744 (166537)(1253200300)(304020003)
Bearing Housing: 56201500005
CHRA: 12707100007 (1270-710-0007)
Compressor Wheel: 10771232001 (Milled Aluminum)(Ind. 54.61 mm, Exd. 78.61 mm, 7+7 Blades, Super Back)
Heat Shield: 167997
Repair Kit: 318383 (318394)
Turbine Housing A/R: 0.76
Turbine Wheel: 168431 (Ind. 69 mm, Exd. 55.9 mm, 11 Blades)

I have been driving the car for the last few days, all is well.
Just some lifter tick on cold oil.

Got my wheels back from the coater and had the tires fitted.
245/40 in the rear and 225/45 in the front, Vredestein tires.
Payed a bit with the shock settings, handling is quite good, although a little tail happy.
Might delete the rear sway bar.

Pictures suck, as I have the cheapest, oil stained phone you can imagine.
Will try to get some decent pics, these don't do the car justice.

Also, I have some more electrical work to do. Have to switch the fan relay using a 5V ECU output, so I will use a transistor circuit for that.
In addition, driving without tacho sucks, so I made this: (yet to be tested)

Next up: finish electrical work and install 302mm front brakes.

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