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Chinese DCOE45 152 arrived today, and I'm less horrified than I thought I'd be. Gave it a teardown and was pleasantly surprised at the machined parts/fitment of the bits and bobs. It's a 3-hole carb, and it may have the issue the OG Weber 152s had with mis-drilled progression holes, but it seems better than the last pair I had. In the end it's not a big deal to drill an extra hole.

Everything else checks out quite well. I measured the jets with some plug gauges and they are pretty much bang-on to their markings. The needle valve is a bit sticky, but that's nothing a bit of polishing can't fix. Short of there being some major casting issues inside the body of the carb, I have to say this is going to work out well enough. For $282 CAD, I'm not going to complain.
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