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Originally Posted by bgpzfm142 View Post
Unfortunately, no; they don't.
Thanks for the info. Not to worry, there are plenty of other existing holes, screws and bolts on the firewall to use to secure the A/C return hose from the evaporator to the compressor. Thanks to your response I have gone in another direction that will work out well I think. At least I hope that it does.

Originally Posted by bgpzfm142 View Post
Your progress on this car is quite awesome, and I'm following with interest.
Thank you very much.

I had a bit of time at the shop this afternoon so I took advantage of the opportunity and made a plan for the A/C hose routing. With that in mind I made a few new parts, some brackets and hard lines:

Top to bottom they are:
1) Support bracket for the return hose to the Compressor from the Evaporator
2) Aluminum hard line from the Receiver-Drier to the Evaporator (to go through the cowl)
3) Steel hard line from the Compressor to the Condenser (to route around the steering gearbox and under the battery tray))
4) Aluminum hard line from the Receiver-Drier to the Evaporator (to get around the air cleaner
5) Aluminum hardline from the Evaporator to the Compressor (to exit the cowl)
6) Revised E-fan lower mount brackets

With the routing laid out I can now order the proper fittings. I'll be placing a parts order with Cold Hose in the morning. Once received I can move on to get the hoses final-fitted (hopefully), crimped and installed.

With any luck I'll have A/C working by wintertime.

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