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I spent a little time working on the Banana today. I placed my parts order with Cold Hose this morning. I hope that I got everything that I need because they're all the way on the other side of the country from SoCal. I also installed the new support bracket that attaches to the cowl and will keep the A/C return line from the evaporator back to the compressor properly located and not rubbing on a bunch of other stuff. A nice by-product is that the stiffening flange on the back side of the bracket also provides a convenient little cable tray area to clean up and more effectively control all of the wires that traverse the cowl from the driver's to passenger side of the engine bay. I added a few holes to the bracket to allow convenient placement of cable ties in the future.

Here is the new support bracket installed:

Since the new A/C compressor is very close to the brake master cylinder I already have re-routed the positive battery cable to run a bit further down so that there is no risk of contact with the compressor. I decided that a new support / guide bracket was in order to replace the original Volvo bracket. The new bracket routes the starter wire below the power brake vacuum reservoir instead of along side it.

Here is the new starter wire support / guide bracket:

And now with a proper grommet to better insulate the wire from chafing damage:

I will make a new battery-to-starter motor lead wire in the next couple of days as the original one that is still functioning could stand a fresh connector at the battery end. I'll make a fresh ground lead at that time as well. You know, as long as I am in there..... Haha.

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