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Originally Posted by Milos View Post
04-24-2012....can anyone tell me if there are other powerstages i can use besides 0 227 100 203?
Here are the specs for the 0 227 100 203, which is similar to the 0 227 100 211 . Bosch 0 227 100 211 "is an external ignition power stage capable of supplying up to four non-transistorized ignition coils." It can be setup for wasted spark (2x2) or four coils.

Offhand, I suspect if four stand-alone coils are used, then sequential firing might be advised. 4 stand alone coils drawing say 8 amps each in wasted spark setup will generate heat in this power module, and I can't say if this module can take it with 4 separate coils in a wasted spark setup.

Bosch shows how to create a simple driver board (igniter) in both of these spec sheets, btw.

cribbj ("Supra" Moderator) posted a wiring setup, about eight posts down in that forum, for this powerstage.


Bosch's 0 221 122 334 coil, has a 8A maximum charge limit, and it was used on LH 2.4, and was OE for Audi/VW. This coil is also used for after-market applications, like for Ferrari Dino 246 and Lancia Stratos. For instance, for a Ferrari Dino 246, one person who did this conversion noted,

"This setup has a similar approach and precision as the very effective Marelli AEI200/Magnetic pickup setup in late GT4/GTB/GTS cars, but delivers 33% more power due to the higher coil current (and 100% more power compared to the factory points setup)."

As a side note, that after market kit would be nice to install in a distributor with points.

So, this Bosch coil, 0 221 122 334, can soak up 8 amps and will generate a high energy spark. GM's LS2 (D585) coils can absorb close to 10 amps if 5 ms of coil-dwell time exist.

Wasted spark is an improvement over OEM setup, but for the most spark power, sequential firing setup is needed.

My two cents, if I used a wasted spark setup, I would consider either of those Double-spark ignition coils mentioned in this thread, but I'd learn towards the Ford coil, 8241, since they would be in stock in most auto supplies.

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