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Originally Posted by gsellstr View Post
Track day never really had the pull and it's so darned expensive. Autox was fun, but finding a spot to do it around here is virtually impossible unless we go to Stockton or the bay area, which most people don't want to do.

Tracks want more money that SacVCOA/GGVCOA can/wants to throw down. One year I remember we even needed to take additional donations just to cover the AutoX costs since there weren't enough participants.

AutoX is fun, but still costs (thankfully not as much), but then the issue is getting a spot for it. Unless you have somebody with an "in" somewhere, it's hard to approach a business and say "hey can we go racing in your parking lot?". Vast majority of the time, businesses will be put off by it for liability reasons.

That said, while I do miss the AutoX events, I like what we did in 2015 and will be doing this year in 2017. A Scenic drive route (with fast/slow groups) that's free to attend and takes us through some beautiful Sacramento-area scenery, and then indoor karting for the more competitive of us. It was a win/win in 2015 since it gave people the opportunity to drive their cars fast and carve up some corners (or drive slow and enjoy the scenery), and then head over to karting for some tangible results.

Originally Posted by LC4CARL View Post
Can you walk from Motel 6 to the meet?
The Car Show / Swap Meet takes place at Central Park Gardens in Davis, with the entrance at the intersection of 3rd and C streets.

Motel 6 is at 4835 Chiles Rd. They're about 4mi apart. It's a 5-7 minute drive, and Google puts it at about a 1hr walk.

If your car doesn't want to start in the morning, you could always bum a ride with somebody. There are plenty of people who go back to Motel 6 to stay Sunday night before driving home on Monday, or go after the show to hang out a little bit more before going home.

I've "done" all of Davis weekend without even having a car there. Just hopped into various people's cars as we'd head to different events. With permission, obviously.
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