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Originally Posted by Broke4speed View Post

...and if it's dead, I have no idea what I'll do. Engines are cheap here.
Well from what I know about the B21, they are quite difficult to kill!

With exactly 1 MS2 car under my belt, I know that wiring connections and grounds are everything! So is the heartbeat...... the RPM signal. If any of that is intermittent, you have trouble.

Are you using a Tuner Studio? Is your setup still fuel only? From reading your thread, I recall you had cobbled together an unusual assembly of ignition components. My gut tells me you should investigate/ remediate that first. Wire routing with MS is critical, never run your power cables Anywhere near the "control input", that is all the 0 - 5 VDC inputs to MS.

Have you read and understand all the Bowling & Grippo documents on how to build and tune your system? I found their documents to be excellent, in addition to the fine work within MS Extra. Those guys were couple of OE automotive EE's, smart guys!

Apologies if I stepped on anything, I read your thread a week ago and I'm operating on a half cup of Joe this morning! I love your 4 door, keep at it and you'll have a door slammer!
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