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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
Well from what I know about the B21, they are quite difficult to kill!

With exactly 1 MS2 car under my belt, I know that wiring connections and grounds are everything! So is the heartbeat...... the RPM signal. If any of that is intermittent, you have trouble.
I hope the Canadian B21A is as tough to kill as the others. It's from 84, so I really don't know if it's got the bigger rods or not. The datalogs show everything is fine, no dropouts of communication, just a complete loss of power. Everything reads correctly, the car just...popopopopops and dies unless I release the throttle to return to idle.

Are you using a Tuner Studio? Is your setup still fuel only? From reading your thread, I recall you had cobbled together an unusual assembly of ignition components. My gut tells me you should investigate/ remediate that first. Wire routing with MS is critical, never run your power cables Anywhere near the "control input", that is all the 0 - 5 VDC inputs to MS.
I've tossed all my electrical shenanigans and have been running the MS1 in fuel and spark, using volvo components. My biggest problem is that I like to do things that challenge my brain, which sometimes leads me down the longest path from A to B, lol.

Have you read and understand all the Bowling & Grippo documents on how to build and tune your system? I found their documents to be excellent, in addition to the fine work within MS Extra. Those guys were couple of OE automotive EE's, smart guys!
Lots and lots of times, it's my main vice . This MS1 box is a pre-built model, from Diyautotune, because I know that sometimes I miss things, lol ;).

Apologies if I stepped on anything, I read your thread a week ago and I'm operating on a half cup of Joe this morning! I love your 4 door, keep at it and you'll have a door slammer!
No toes damaged here. When I troubleshoot, I go right back to the beginning in order to see if I've overlooked anything. Even the most experienced person can make a silly mistake, or assume they know too much. Brainstorming is the best way to solve a problem, thanks for the help and ideas .

Thanks for the compliment, I'm growing more and more in love with this car, even if it is turning out to be slower and more contrary than I'm used to, haha. I'm trying to balance my love of crusing in it with my addiction to turbocharging things beyond financially responsible limits. I may remove the big 16G and go back to the 16T I had on it before, just to make it more fun to drive in the midrange.
1984 B6304S/AW30-40 w/Poi-Shift.
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