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The DIYAutotune boxes are reliable, so I doubt that is your issue. I'd always suspect the custom wiring harness first.... but what you describe almost sounds like you've got no fuel. What is the age of your fuel pumps.... one thing MS data logs won't show, unless the AFRs went super lean as she dies.

IMO these cars should be focused to "time to torque"..... a turbo that will spool quick is what you want for a street driven car. NOW if you are trying to build a strip machine out of your 84 then the turbo required is quite different. With something as small as a B21, I think I'd be searching for a 0.48 A/R turbine to get that sucker spooled up quick. I'm in process of a 19t for my DD, and the reason is that they are rumored to spool quite fast...... and keep the boost under 16 PSI so the gas temps exiting the engine stay under 900*C maximum.

Since you put in the AW71, did you use the factory CPS? I know folks like to use the earlier distributors with MS, but Kenny (Linuxman) recommended to me years ago to "go to wasted spark" as soon as possible. I'm sure MS2 can handle that, not sure if MS1 is able? The best ignition timing is crank based, not aux. shaft / cam shaft based IMO. I am using the BOSCH Motorsports coil and Buckhaspark WS, and really like it. I'd try to find a way to migrate to that as soon as possible, and get away from a single coil for all 4 cylinders. Alternately, and EDIS system is supposed to be rock solid... also crank based.

Good luck! I'll keep an eye up North to see how you are doing
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