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Its time to start putting things back together...we started threading the bellhousing bolts thru and just as it was ckosing together, bam. The bellhousing snaps. Frustrated and confused, we seperated the two and called it a night.

After some reading, we realized we bolted TC to flexplate and then tried connecting the two...instead of seating the TC onto the trans shaft first. So we bent the crap out of the flexplate. I got another one from a member off here for 50 bucks. But for the time being. We jb welded the chunk of bellhousing back and decided to install the engine alone.

Some new hydraulic motor mounts and the engine went it easily. Got almost everything tidied up in the engine bay. Now only a transmission to go..And a turbo.

My brother had some intake spacers that were going to be used with this they went back on.

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