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Just read Pat's tips about carpet cleaning in this thread, so now that's part of my plans for next week.

Originally Posted by Tuff240 View Post
I should make a video of how to clean the carpets.

Best way to clean it thoroughly with basic tools most everyone has:
1. Remove the carpet. (not as difficult as it sounds, but it's not a 5 minute job either)
2. Vacuum off all the big stuff.
3. Use generous amounts of Castrol Super Clean (or Purple Power since it's cheaper, but not quite as strong) sprayed over any stains or heavily soiled areas to the point where it is visually damp in those areas.
4. Heavily mist entire carpet with Super Clean.
5. Heavily mist entire carpet with water hose.
6. Focus on 1/2 or 1/4 sections at a time and use water, Super Clean and a hand held brush to agitate into a foam. You MUST keep it wet the entire time. This requires misting entire carpet occasionally with water while you work one area. Once you feel you have agitated the entire section thoroughly, continue on until entire carpet is done. Keep carpet wet.
7. Hang the carpet somehow (saw horse/old chair/steep driveway) and thoroughly rinse the carpet until there are no more bubbles and the water that runs off is clear.
8. Look for any areas that are still dirty or stained. Repeat steps 6 and 7 again in that area.
9. If you have a wet/dry shop vac, vacuum as much of the water out of the carpet as you can.
10. Hang carpet where it can dry.
11. After it's dry and you install the carpet back in the car, dry brush and then vacuum it thoroughly and it will soften back up a little more.

The more effort you put into it, the better it will come out.
Rust and red colored stains will not come out. Most black and dark stains will.

Volvo original carpet is very nice and high quality. It fits better than any aftermarket carpet currently offered. So if it is not worn through to the backing, I suggest trying to clean it.
Thanks Pat!! There's obviously the voice of experience in those instructions.
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