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Originally Posted by 740atl View Post
I might be answering my own question again, but if the pump output is increased at the same kPa/RPM, then that is something that would require less VE at the same kPa/RPM which means a bit of retuning.

Is the voltage output of the multipler consistent?

Was the choice to go with the pump multiplier instead of larger injectors?
Cheaper to get this booster($100 used of CL)

Voltage output is constant 17.5v independent of input voltage(to a point obviously) when activated.

Im triggering the booster prior to when I was loosing fuel pressure before. So that area is fine but the part of the map that was overcompensating on the pulse width to bring my AFR back in line is now overly rich.

Back to the updates!

New best time! 7.5 @103

Left the line at idle and floored it right away. Viewing the datalog I seem to be lifting as boost comes up in first gear. Not sure why though I dont remember lifting at all...

This was at 12psi 13ish deg timing on e85. Going to turn the boost up to 15psi and make a few more passes. Got some great datalogs too of the Boost-A-Pump working great prefect fuel pressure the entire pass.

My wife took a few videos for me. Had a blast last night.

Overall great time.

Current setup - Aluminum L33/Summit Turbo Stage 2, single Walbro 450 and Dual AEM 400's, Bosch 210's
3060lb no driver
3240lb with driver
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