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Hello again,

More rust repair work to update on:

A closer examination of the previous repair of the Panhard rod mounting. Looks reasonably solid on the outside...

... but inside shows several places where the metal would want to fatigue and eventually break. Glad I'm getting rid of this!

I fabricated the new Panhard rod mount from a piece of very sturdy box section. I made an accurate replica in cardboard for test fitting, to enable me to get the positional measurements exactly right.

Making a section of chassis rail for the left side, ahead of the axle. (The repair process here was very similar to the right side, documented previously, so I won't post repetitive photos).

The repair of the seat-pan/wheelarch area on the left was more involved than on the other side. A hole in the floor underneath the strengthener section meant I needed to remove it for a proper repair.

I also had to cut out the curved flange that joins wheelarch to floor. I am deleting the spot-welded flange and replacing it with a seam welded joint. It's quite a difficult repair section to make because of curves in two planes.

Here are all the pieces made ready to repair this area. (Re-using the original strengthener, with a repair to its lower section).

I didn't bother photographing the welding stages; very similar to the right side I showed before.

So - finally - all the welding under the rear of the car is finished! Here's how it looks now with the welds sealed with seam sealer and two coats of epoxy paint

For ease of future work, I made a bigger fuel tank access hole. I seam welded right across the original transverse box section immediately behind it, so that will more than compensate in terms of strength for the bigger access hatch.

This shows the left side strengthener refitted

I have started work on restoring fittings.

Dismantling the axle

I wire brushed it clean. (The dust shields will be dealt with after the axle is refitted. They're very prone to damage when it's off the car).

The diff cover was very corroded, and started leaking oil after being attacked with the wire brush. I will fit a new cover. Temporary repair with fibreglass to avoid a mess in the workshop

Applying rust converter

To prolong the life of the new fuel tank, I sealed all edges and joints with seam sealer

And painted it with epoxy paint, half done here. Also painted the axle

I think that's all for today. More soon I hope



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