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In the process of mounting the clutch pedal, I undid the two nuts holding in the master cylinder cover, which is glued in. I poked it with a screwdriver until the adhesive failed. It was pretty easy. I'm pretty sure I took a picture of this area at some point in the process but I can't find it at the moment. I'll add it if I find the pictures. The master cylinder got bolted up (it's very tight in that area, kind of difficult to get in there but easy to tighten once it's in there) and it was time to pull the AW71.

This stuff went on all the questionable New England hardware on the underbody. Thankfully, no hardware was harmed in this process. These cars are made from very good stock, and I've never had trouble with Volvo hardware in the various 240s I've spent time with. Dad's wagon is from California so that's not really remarkable but a few of the Lemons car donors and race wagon Mk 1 were very dubious in terms of rust. Anyway...

We started by lowering the drivetrain as much as possible. Be careful not to bash the distributor on the firewall, because you can lower it too far. We undid the crossmember bolts and used a floor jack to maneuver the drivetrain. Next was to undo the top bellhousing bolts. A 3ft extension had to be purchased for this part. The crossmember bolts went back in while the rest of the bellhousing bolts were removed. Then, the crossmember itself was removed to make moving the transmission around with the floor jack easier. Lots of tugging later and the engine and transmission were split. Don't let the converter fall off. This one didn't, thankfully. The AW71 went into my garage, and later into a friend's 244.

Next off was to remove the flexplate. It came off very simply. I bought a dog dish flywheel in decent shape off of the forum (well actually my dad did, I got it for Christmas because that's how we roll in this house), used a Sachs 740T pressure plate we had lying around, and bought a Sachs 940 TDi clutch disc from KG Trimning in Sweden along with a slave cylinder rebuild kit (went unused) and a reverse light switch, which went on the transmission while it was out. Total outlay was $279.14, or $383.61 if you didn't have the pressure plate.

Flywheel bolts were tightened in a cross pattern, to 70 Nm as specified in the greenbook. I had to buy a universal clutch tool for clutch alignment to work with the Retroturbo pilot bearing adapter. The tool is basically a big cone that you push against the setup as you torque the pressure plate bolts (25 Nm, greenbook spec). Somehow, I managed to nail this on my first try. I also had the pressure plate fall on my head at one point. Such is life.

Almost there!

There was a slight complication with the bearing on the Retroturbo piece. My input shaft was juuuust a little too big to fit in the bearing. We solved this by turning the transmission with a drill while using emery cloth on the tip of the input shaft until it fit, losing about 2 thou of input shaft in the process. Not a big deal, really, but not as good as getting a part that just worked. To be fair to them, they do mention this possibility on their website

Next up, the final installment and the thoughts so far, now that I have about 5000 miles on the swap. Plus I can finally start to catch up to present day.

Parts featured in this post:

LH 2.4 dog dish flywheel, purchased here, $130 inc freight
940 TDi clutch disc, Sachs p/n 18 1862 468 031, 1036 SEK + 232 SEK freight
M90 reverse light switch, Volvo p/n 104 SEK (Swedish stuff totals $141.25 at time of writing)
Pilot bearing adapter, Retroturbo, 72.49 inc freight ($92.15 at time of writing)
(740 Turbo pressure plate, Sachs p/n 1209874, $104.47)

Cost so far: $1330.43 ($1439.48)

I added the parentheses to account for stuff I had around, that you the reader may not necessarily have around.
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