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In March of 1976, Road & Track magazine published an article featuring the Express and all of its performance components. It was also something of a road test article. Rather than describe the article in detail, I’ll attach a copy here for everyone to enjoy. It also has most of the photographs of the Express from its prime that I have at the moment, though there may be additional photos and potentially an original build sheet being dug up. Check it out:

Arguably,soliciting this article was meant to reinvigorate Volvo’s performance parts division and certainly was meant to be a marketing exercise. It might be said that it helped push Volvo back into motorsports in a bigger way and ultimately led to its successes of the 1980s. That’s just my opinion anyway. True Volvo historians may disagree, but I always think of the 1970s as a time when Volvo was mainly focused on safety development, but still offered performance parts for those independent drivers who wanted to race Volvos. Regardless, there’s no question that the Express is a part of Volvo motorsports history and I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring it back to its former glory – however daunting the task will be.

After the article was written, and following the Express’ service as a rally support vehicle in CA and Mexico, Wayne brought it to the Rockleigh, NJ area when Competition Service was transferred to Volvo’s North American headquarters there. The Express remained in the ownership of Volvo at least through 1982 (I found an old NJ registration card in the glove box listing “Volvo Corporation North America” as the owner). Sometime after that a Volvo employee bought the car and drove it for personal use for about a year. That owner sold the Express in 1988 (last registration sticker on the car) to a local mechanic who he was friends with. It was all downhill from there sadly. The mechanic basically let the car sit on his lot outside for 25 years, all the while being exposed to the elements. As might be imagined, this took a toll on the car. Also, at least a couple sources have claimed that the Stage IV engine was auctioned off at some point. From what I’ve seen this appears to be at least partly true as the block still has several of the performance bits. I’m not going to know for sure what’s really inside until I tear into it – which is a ways off yet.
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