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Originally Posted by whalepirot View Post
Plugs are near new and slightly light brown.

403 F, from France.

The coolant loss is ended so I adjusted the waste gate longer for later dump, which raised the Boost meter to about 1/5 deflection; still too low. Having the improved compression on #3 helps the engine accelerate below 1500, where the boost creeps on, but it's hardly a screamer! My wife thinks it is too slow for safe entrance onto 50 mph streets.

I changed vacuum ports for CBV control to the lower (slightly larger) of the two adjacent ones pax side, intake. The other is capped with a clamped rubber plug. Using my hand vac, I pumped the CBV open; saw it move. It very slowly lost that pressure. I have no idea if that is normal or indicates a compromised diaphragm. That hose is new. If so, where on earth does one find them parts for the CBV?

I still find no leaks in any hoses and tomorrow, after it cools down, I'll lengthen the wastegate arm another turn. Perhaps it'll get to 1/2, like it used to, with attendant power increase.
I'd guess that the 403 is 4th month of 2003.
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