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I changed vacuum ports for CBV control to the lower (slightly larger) of the two adjacent ones pax side, intake. The other is capped with a clamped rubber plug. Using my hand vac, I pumped the CBV open; saw it move. It very slowly lost that pressure. I have no idea if that is normal or indicates a compromised diaphragm. That hose is new. If so, where on earth does one find them parts for the CBV?
The CBV should hold that vacume/pressure . the CBV is a spring loaded valve that is attached to a pressure/vacume chamber. The membrane inside it should hold pressure or vacume. If not it is leaking and not functioning like it should.

What brand/type turbo is on the engine? If it is a mitsubishi tdo4-13c then there are aftermarket upgrade kits available. I once bought one from IPD. The kit came with 3 different rate springs as well.

For other turbo's i have no idea if you can get aftermarket CBV's. But you could make a block-off plate and replace the CBV by a dump-valve . They serve the same purpose.
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