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The CBV should hold that vacume/pressure . the CBV is a spring loaded valve that is attached to a pressure/vacume chamber. The membrane inside it should hold pressure or vacume. If not it is leaking and not functioning like it should.
I think this is the case, as idle vacuum is only 15-16 psi, while 19 +/- is normal on other engines. Using a MAC (quality) gauge, the reading varyied slightly, as did idle speed (750+/-). When the A/C was shut off, the reading increased 1-2 psi, so there is a small leak in that control system. I knew there was a small draw somewhere in those hoses, however, I don't think this causes the turbo problem.

That MAC gauge also showed 1-2 psi boost maximum, when the turbo activated, agreeing with the low dash reading. This, even flooring the throttle at 35mph, while riding the brake or when just accelerating. I find this congruent with your comments about the leaky diaphragm not allowing more boost, plus the fact that there is less now than 2 months ago.

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What brand/type turbo is on the engine? If it is a mitsubishi tdo4-13c then there are aftermarket upgrade kits available.
I don't know. I cannot read any label, as one Garrett description says exists. I have looked at the offering from ipd.

I took 3 pics but cannot add them here.

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For other turbo's i have no idea if you can get aftermarket BV's. But you could make a block-off plate and replace the CBV by a dump-valve . They serve the same purpose.
I read that and ipd also offers a plate. The car is subject to CA smog so the legality of that change is a question.
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