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Originally Posted by lummert View Post
IIRC 88-89 Volvo 760 sedans used Garrett turbos and Wagons used Mitsubishi TD05-12b turbos. Not sure of the earlier years.

Maybe this will help you identify your turbo:
thanks for that link; useful indeed.

ipd thinks it's a Mitsu, but has nothing. Chatting with their rep, he says the problem is more likely the low vacuum, which should be a 20, but seems worse each day; now at 13.5! I used propane at every junction I could reach and along most hoses, with no change in RPM. ipd said use brake cleaner; same result. While I thought it was the HVAC system, no temporarily disconnected, and after replacing the big how to the aux vacuum pump, after testing them, it's still below 14!

This is a big leak, but the car idles great with no detectable miss. I guess the ECU is masking it with more fuel.

I wish I could find a vac hose diagram, as there's a lot of them and plenty of ports; hence lots of room for errors, mine or another's!

This piece on diagnosis w/ vacuum gauge, is helpful:

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