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Originally Posted by whalepirot View Post
I had a slipped outer ring on another car and plan to check the belt timing after I swap in a new CAT.

After a smog pre-check, I learned:
1- NoX was high,
2- HC was high, thought the CAT was not well heatedup, prior,
3- the CAT mounted is aftermarket, which often means cheaper and much shorter life, due partially to less catalyst inside.

My amazing car pal suggested slapping it and listening for any rattles plus flashlighting inside, looking for a lack of hoineycomb. Both existed.

The continuing low vacuum led me to a refresh of causes; restricted exhaust is among the possibles. New CAT coming soon and possibly new O2 sensor. The newish wires on this one lead me to believe it's been changed not too long ago.

Ran out of gas with gauge indicating just barely touching the red. After refill, no start so towed it home. After a nose low sit overnight, it fired right up. I'd feared a ruined pump and got lucky, for a change, given my history with this wagon. No fuel= no lube for pump, and it ran so, for about 5 minutes as we coasted downslope to the next station.
Less than 1/4 tank of fuel usually results in an overheated pump.
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